International Pelvic Pain Conference

International Pelvic Pain Conference

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International Pelvic Pain Conference

On the 8th October I will be flying off to Washington DC.

I have been invited to present 3 posters on pelvic pain at the International Pelvic Pain Conference. I will be presenting 3 cases that I have successfully treated, that are all due to muscle imbalances around the pelvis. What I am starting to discover by working through and reflecting on theses cases is that there is probably such a thing as abductor syndrome. I haven’t found any references in the literature that such a thing exists. So I will be doing some research into this over the next few years.

Surprisingly all 3 cases had pain with intercourse as one of their primary complaints.

It is often assumed that this is due to pelvic floor muscle trigger points, but in these cases this was not the primary causative factor.

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