Mulligan Headache Techniques

Mulligan Headache Techniques

Mulligan Therapy is a series of techniques designed to treat joint dysfunction. It has a number of different techniques, including some for headaches which can help, depending on the cause of your headaches. Headaches can be caused by many different factors including eye strain, compression, whiplash, and cervicogenic headaches that arise from the neck.

Mulligan has a number of different techniques which can help relieve headaches. Some move different joints in the neck forward and others move joints backwards. There are also rotation type techniques which can relieve the headaches. If these techniques work then we can use the foundations of these to develop some home exercises to help continue to relieve the headache and develop a plan so you don’t develop them again in the future. It is often better to be able to treat headaches as they start to occur rather than once they have been present for a longer period and are more severe – the more you can do for yourself, the better.

The techniques are sustained and as they are sustained you should feel the headache easing. These techniques should cause no pain while they are being performed.

Mulligan techniques were developed by trial and error but the underlying principle is that if the joints are repositioned into their correct place then the movements will be pain free.

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