Chronic Disease Management

Exercise is medicine!

This has been a long-standing view of many health practitioners, and is becoming increasingly more important.

2 out of 3 adults suffer from obesity which has been shown to increase the likelihood of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and  cardiovascular disease. Every 5 minutes an Australian is diagnosed with diabetes. 

It has been shown that 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise can dramatically reduce the impact of chronic disease. Knowing what to do, and what is safe to do, when you have a significant illness is not easy. Clinical Exercise Physiology is the life line you need to answer those tricky questions.

Our Exercise Physiologists will assess your current health status, provide an individualized exercise program and give you the tools you need.

Individualised exercise programs to targeting chronic health conditions.

Exercise physiologists are highly skilled in the area of prescribing suitable, and safe exercise program to target your health issues and enable you to achieve a better health status. Assessment is crucial to getting a great outcome and our Exercise physiologist will undertake to get a full understanding of your goals and your limitations.

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