SIJ Pain in Pregnancy

SIJ Pain in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy should be a wonderful time of planning and bonding with your growing bump. Unfortunately it can also be a time for discomfort as your baby bump grows and your pelvis expands. A hormone is secreted during your pregnancy called relaxin which helps everything expand for your baby to grow. This can affect all joints in the body including your pubic symphasis and sacroiliac joint or SIJ. Many pregnant women experience pain into their lower back, bottom, groin and down the legs. This could be due to movement in the SIJ, tightening of the gluteal muscles and extra strain on the lower spine due to the changing shape of pregnant women.

Physiotherapy can help make the countdown a little more bearable. We can work on supporting your SIJ with core and pelvic floor strengthening, massage and stretches to relieve your tightening gluteals ( the more you waddle the worse it gets), educate you on things to avoid that can make the SIJ move and we can if you with a sacroiliac belt that may help ease your discomfort. If this sounds like you, or something your midwife has suggested, why not make an appointment to find out more

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