The adductor muscles, Adductor Magnus

The adductor muscles, Adductor Magnus

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Have a look at this muscle referral pattern. This muscle, Adductor Magnus can refer pain into the vagina, bowel, and lower abdomen. On the right of the picture, is adductor magnus, the x marks where trigger points are usually located. This is one of the muscles that gets sore when you ride a horse for the first time. Adductor Magnus is a big powerful muscle, hence the name Magnus.

This picture shows where, in your body, you may experience pain if one of these trigger points becomes active. An active trigger point is a focal area of intense muscle activity that does not relax, this then becomes painful, and can refer pain to other locations in the body.

Adductor Magnus can be implicated in women that experience pain during intercourse, lower abdominal pain and deep bladder pain.

We generally get trigger points in muscles that are weak and then overloaded, however this is not the only cause.

Accepted treatments to settle trigger points are either ischemic pressure or dry needling. Beware that there are big important muscles and blood vessels in the upper thigh, and you don’t want these interfered with, so make sure your therapist is well trained. I recommend using a physiotherapist with dry needling training.

Remember pain in this area can be due to a number of medical conditions also, do not discount these make sure you are checked by a doctor.

It may not be obvious that the muscle is causing the pain, and even when testing the muscle, it may not be obvious.

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