Casts & Splinting


At Mitchell Integrated Therapy our physiotherapists are trained to apply casts for broken bones.

Casts allow a period of immobilisation following a fracture or surgery. Immediately post fracture or surgery, (the first 7 days) immobilisation is done using a “back slab”. This is a one-sided stiff splint, usually made from Plaster of Paris. This allows swelling to take place whilst still giving adequate support. Following the first 7 days the back slab is replaced with a cast.

At Mitchell Integrated Therapy we can apply either:

1. Fibreglass waterproof cast in the colour of your choice

2. “Exos” brace, also water proof but allowing easy removal

3. Plaster of Paris cast

Casting prices differ depending on limb size and material used.


Our hand Therapists can manufacture a variety of thermoplastic splints. These are custom made at point of consultation.

Off the shelf splints

At Mitchell Integrated Therapy we carry a range of off the shelf splints, we can also arrange to order specific splints in for you. The following is a list of our in stock range.

  • Range of motion knee brace
  • Range of motion elbow brace
  • Zimmer splint
  • Knee braces
  • Wrist braces
  • CAM “moon” boot
  • Finger splints and braces
  • Ankle supports
  • Back supports

For more information or to book an appointment, you can contact us on 02 4933 6895. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online.